The Nocebo Effect

Dear People Who Keep Company With God,  When you come in contact with the heart of God, you will experience a radical change of heart and life. It is like being born again, again. My whole belief system about God and the spiritual life went through a major transformation. Arthur Burt said many times, “Your [...]

Am I Lovable?

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I lived my much of my pre-salvation years secretly believing I didn’t measure up. Later, as a believer, I looked at most of my Christian friends and felt they had it together and I didn’t. They seemed spiritual and I didn’t think I was. I would go to church [...]


Dear People Who Keep Company With God, When I began to get to know God as my loving Father, I discovered I had an atrocious view of Him and, as a result, I looked at life, others and myself wrong. Not only did I need healing of life’s hurts my view of God also needed [...]

Healing The Grizzly

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I grew up being two persons. There was a shy and a bit  insecure person and there was an inward grizzly bear ready to attack when threatened. I was easy to get along with, accommodating and desired to please, but if someone crossed a particular line with me, [...]

A Fresh Look At God

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I had this amazing encounter with God. I saw His heart. I touched His heart. I felt His heart. Then nothing happened. No visions, no dreams, no further explanation, nothing. Heaven was silent for a what seems like forever. Then one day I was looking for a book [...]

Touching The Father’s Heart

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Psalm 105 is one of the psalms that recount the “wonders” God has done for Israel. It teaches that if we will remember biblical, and our own “wonders” we will experience them again in a fresh way. Our hearts will be filled with gratefulness and we will confidently [...]