Our Passover Lamb

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Exodus 12:1-13 records the first Passover celebration. It foreshadows the heart of God for all men in all ages. It pictures what was done from the foundations of the world; Jesus Christ our Passover Lamb was slain for us (Rev. 13:8). When God saw the blood applied to [...]

One Day To Live

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, John chapters 13 through 17 are known as Jesus’ Upper Room discourse. It happened during what we call the Last Supper. It was just before Jesus was about to go into the Garden of Gethsemane and be betrayed and arrested.  In just a few hours, Jesus would be [...]

What Is The Gospel?

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, How we think about the gospel and what we are telling the world about the Father’s heart is so much more important than we know. Jesus said, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then [...]

Supernatural Hope

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, During the last season many of us found ourselves trapped in low places. Our nation was in a low place, our church was in a low place and our families had some low places. I had nowhere to escape. I had nowhere to run. Having done all I [...]

Accessing The Power of God

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Electricity is a phenomena that can be difficult to understand even by scientist and engineers, but that does not hinder any of us from using it. Likewise, we do not have to understand the power of God to tap into it. The Bible is clear that we have [...]

Fatal Distraction

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Hours before Bob Jones passed away he shared with a friend about the strategy needed in the future for church leadership. He said, “Church leaders need to study the 401, not reject the 401 and build on the 401.”  At the time my friend did not know what [...]