Heaven’s Filling Station

Dear People Who Keep Company With God,  I’ve had two dreams and a vision that were in the setting of 1960’s era gas stations. Growing up we called them filling stations. I think that is key to understanding what the Holy Spirit is saying. In one of the dreams, there was a group of people gathered [...]


Dear People Who Keep Company With God, In 2007, I had a dream that has never left my heart. In the dream, I was in a church meeting that was made up of immigrants. The pastor abruptly left the church service and went to the mall, leaving Becky and myself to minister to the immigrants. [...]

Leadership Essentials

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I have been in leadership either in the church or the business arena for over 30 years now. Before I became a full-time pastor, I worked in the engineering and construction industry. I was a Senior Engineer, responsible for the engineering and design budget and schedule for multi-million [...]

Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, If you are part of the older generation, take heart. Your most fruitful and blessed time is in front of you. Many in my generation and older were touched mightily by God years ago. We are like Joshua and Caleb, who declared that with God’s help they would [...]

It Takes A Church

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Regardless of what we think, feel, or believe about the place same-sex marriage has in the United States, we now live in the reality that it is legal. The government has re-defined marriage as it pertains to the laws of our nation.  The ruling has the potential to [...]

Nothing But Love

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Twenty years ago, I walked into a bookstore and I was drawn to a book titled, Too Great a Temptation: The Seductive Power of America’s Super Church, by Joel Gregory. It was a little odd because it was totally outside of my church world. It was about the [...]