It Takes A Church

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Regardless of what we think, feel, or believe about the place same-sex marriage has in the United States, we now live in the reality that it is legal. The government has re-defined marriage as it pertains to the laws of our nation.  The ruling has the potential to [...]

Nothing But Love

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Twenty years ago, I walked into a bookstore and I was drawn to a book titled, Too Great a Temptation: The Seductive Power of America’s Super Church, by Joel Gregory. It was a little odd because it was totally outside of my church world. It was about the [...]

Possessing The Land

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Crossing over your Jordan is miraculous. It is healing, restoration and the beginning of a new day in your life. The Presence of God is what and how we get across. He makes a way where there is no way (Is. 43:19). As impressive as crossing over is, [...]

Cross Your Jordan

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, In the Old Testament, the raging waters of the Jordan River was the last obstacle that the children of Israel would encounter before they entered the Promised Land. Crossing the Jordan River is like passing from the land of bondage and wandering to the land of freedom. It [...]


Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Have you gone through a time when you felt like you should know the answers to your life’s situations, but they seemed to keep eluding you? And even worse, when you felt like you needed God the most, He seemed almost eerily quiet. If that is happening to [...]

The River of Time

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, There is a Holy Spirit River and there is a River of Time. The Holy Spirit River taught me some things about the River of Time. There are some parallels. Just like the Holy Spirit River, the River of Time is one of the most precious gifts given [...]