Create Your Future

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, In the last couple of years of Bob Jones’ life, I heard him speak about hope more than anything else. Even on his death bed, the last word Bob Jones gave Becky and I, was about the future and hope God has for us. We’ve walked through some really dark […]

Holy Spirit Rhythm

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, God is a God of rhythm. All creation works in rhythms. There are days and nights, seasons and years. There are times to plant and times to harvest, times to advance and times to be still, there are beginnings and endings and so forth (Eccl. 3:1-8).  Rhythms are […]

Lamp Post To Lamp Post

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, As a child, I was afraid of the dark. Whenever I found myself in a dark place, I would run as fast as I could to the nearest light. There were times I would literally run from light post to light post.  When I became a believer, my […]

Power To Keep

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Once a powerful man from Zimbabwe, Pastor Sam Manyika, prayed for me one afternoon in my office. As he prayed, the Holy Spirit came upon him in an unusual way. Simply put, he went ballistic on me.  The energy, authority and power in which he prayed stunned me. […]

Living From Heaven

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, The most important thing needed from those who communicate on God’s behalf is that the heart of their communication comes from heaven.  Walter Brueggemann, who is an Old Testament scholar and theologian, said it so brilliantly in addressing the pastor’s role in the church. “If we are to […]

Sun of Righteousness

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Last year, I had an opportunity to hear Stu Garrard, who was the lead guitar player for the band, Delirious, speak. In Stu’s words, Delirious was born because of a spark of God. People were gathering just to worship in the early 1990’s and the band was birthed […]

Why Revival?

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, It has become fashionable in some Christian circles to question the legitimacy of revival. I agree with questioning the legitimacy of what man has sometimes called revival, but we must never think we have out-grown the need for a genuine move of God. To decide that this generation does not […]

When God Seems Silent

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I’ve gone through many seasons in my journey with the Lord. Some, where my heart was so sensitive to His voice, and it seems like I heard Him everywhere I would go. There were the times when He literally carried me on His back because I had nothing […]

Love Language

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Gary Chapman wrote a book titled, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. It outlines five ways to express and experience the love that Chapman calls “love languages”.   God Himself has a love language. God always speaks through His Son, Jesus Christ […]

The Voice

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Years ago, Bob Jones experienced a vision in which he was taken into a temple where high-level praise was taking place. In the midst of this awesome praise, an old man walked into the service in a very unkempt manner. In fact, his hair was long and stringy […]