A Fresh Look At God

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, I had this amazing encounter with God. I saw His heart. I touched His heart. I felt His heart. Then nothing happened. No visions, no dreams, no further explanation, nothing. Heaven was silent for a what seems like forever. Then one day I was looking for a book [...]

Touching The Father’s Heart

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Psalm 105 is one of the psalms that recount the “wonders” God has done for Israel. It teaches that if we will remember biblical, and our own “wonders” we will experience them again in a fresh way. Our hearts will be filled with gratefulness and we will confidently [...]

Testimony of Triumph

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, When our faith is tested, many times after it is over there is an increase of God’s Presence, purpose and power in our lives (Luke 22:31-32). That is already happening and I trust it is going to increase this year. I believe there is a proclamation coming from [...]

How Will You Remember?

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, From the very beginning, remembering has been an important part of God’s interaction with us. In the garden after man ate from the wrong tree, God questioned them, “What is this you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” (Gen. 3:13) Young’s Literal [...]

All Things New

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, In architecture, the foundation is the most important element of any building, be it a house or a high-rise. Simply put, the foundation is what everything rests on. Christ and the finished work of the cross were revealed as our foundation even before the foundation of the world [...]

Nobody Can Change The World

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, When Christ was born on that first Christmas, in effect, God was saying, “Nobody can change the world. I’m nobody.” Christmas is about the day God came among us in weakness, obscurity and as nobody. Jesus laid aside His majesty, power and glory and came as a little baby [...]

Letting Go

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, This year I lost two men who were spiritual fathers to me, Bob Jones and Arthur Burt. I loved both of those men dearly and it was sad to have to let them go. In this life we all need the graceful gift of good-bye. Letting go is [...]


Dear People Who Keep Company With God, There are times when we will experience spiritual renewal, fresh vision or receive a prophetic word about promotion or blessings and the next thing we know our life seems like it is coming unraveled. It is like we get the opposite of what was promised and many people [...]

Your Life Matters

Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Your life matters, we all want to believe that, but in the world there is an attack on human life. Abortion is one of those attacks against all of us. It not only kills unborn babies, but it also subtly communicates a very insidious message to the rest [...]


Dear People Who Keep Company With God, Our speech is a great revealer of what is in our hearts. It is from the abundance of the heart, that the mouth speaks (Matt. 12:33-37). You may be able to fake it for a while, but sooner or later what is in your heart will come out [...]