The Father’s Table Food Bank

God desires for us to feed the hungry and bring the poor into his house (Isaiah 58:7)


THE VISION  for the Father’s House Food Bank is to do just this. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked and pray for all those in need. Our heart is to see people saved, delivered, and healed by aiding to these practical necessities. Isaiah 58:7 promises us that as we answer the call to take care of these people, then this is exactly what will happen.


TO BEGIN this journey we feel we need start meeting the needs of our body and then reach out to our neighboring communities as the vision expands and provision comes. We must first begin by bringing food and clothing into the storehouse since we already have the room and equipment ready and available to put this plan in action.


WE HAVE watched God’s favor being poured out on those who have been obedient to his word in this matter and we are believing God to pour out a blessing that we won’t have room to contain!


“I just want to say thank you so much to the church and the food pantry for the blessing that they gave us at a very crucial time. We were able to take food to a dear friend who didn’t have anything in her pantry for her and her children and no way to provide it for her family. It was a blessing to be able to take her enough food to get through a difficult month.  We also ended up going through a very similar time without being able to provide food for our family,and a friend of ours called Barbara, and she went out of her way to buy us things that she knew our kids would like. Barbara loaded us up without two weeks worth of groceries, which miraculously lasted us to the day that other provision came in.  We are so grateful for the love and care of the people at River Life and for Barbara’s heart for families in need. It is truly a representation of Christ on earth.” -Anonymously Grateful 2014