Father’s House


 The Lord desires to create a place for His habitation in Mooresville NC. The Fathers House is designed to bring us into the home of his heart. It consists of a collaboration of ministries that come out of the local church. The Fathers House provides a spiritual covering, friendship and mentorship for these ministries and individuals to grow. It is a flexible wineskin where God is free to be constantly active, bringing spiritual awakening and revival to his people. It is a place where people can experience the love of the Father, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Presence and power of the Holy Spirit.


The goal is to be a reflection of the Fathers House in heaven. The Fathers House is a place where He prepares an extravagant welcome for His people so they can come and receive from His heart. It is like being in God, the Father’s living room. The focus of the Fathers House consists of gracious and curative hospitality, worship, forgiveness, healing, equipping, fellowship and prayer. 

Scope of the Assignment 

God is moving today in multiplication and acceleration. The Father has a mission for us and has huge plans that affect our community and beyond. The scope of the Fathers House collectively includes wellness ministries, feeding the poor, church planting, outreach to communities, universities and the nations.