The Holy Ghost Girls

The Holy Ghost Girls is a meeting of young women in their 20s and 30s that really sprang up organically out of a true hunger for more of his presence.  Donna Culler  invited some young women over to her house one night with the sole purpose of just getting before the Lord to see what he wanted to do with us. Well it was powerful and It was like a whirlwind of prophetic ministry from heaven.  Donna finally had to kick everyone out about 11:30 pm.  It was so good we decided to do it again and again and again until it has evolved into a home group. It really has been different each week.  Our heart  is to provide a safe place for young women to come and participate with the holy spirit and practice the gifts God has in them. But most of all to see the love of the father being poured out and seeing the Lord building strong support relationships to girls who felt alone.


IF YOU are in your 20s or 30s  and you are hungry for more of His presence,
IF YOU need support and encouragement,
IF YOU would like to grow in your spiritual gifts and have a safe place to try them out,
IF YOU need prayer,
KNOW THAT everyone is welcome and wanted.


Meeting Times:  2nd and 4th Thursday of every month 6:30pm at Donna Culler’s house! 

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“I went to the Holy Ghost Girls Meeting last night (8.11.11)  and they prayed for my broken foot. I have been in bed for 4 weeks with 2 more weeks to go before I am allowed to be walking on it with the boot on. When I came home last night, I realized that the pain and uncomfortable level was completely gone! So I decided to test it… I started to put some weight on the foot, then rolled most of the weight to the outside of the foot where the break is. NO PAIN! I was freaking out!  Up to this point I have still not been able to move my last two toes at all and the nerve endings all over my foot have been “raw” and my foot mostly numb. Last night all that was gone. I would say my foot was healed about 80%!!! The swelling was completely gone, which was more of a miracle because I didn’t have my foot propped up while I was out and I expected it to be pretty swollen when I got home, but it wasn’t! My toes were moving, with almost no pain, but not to full capacity and it still hurt a little to move them past a certain point. This morning I woke up and decided to see how it was doing. I can move my toes even further, and I expected my foot to be hurting because I put all my weight on it last night BUT IT WASN’T! not one bit. The pain is EVEN LOWER. I would say that my foot is probably 90% healed right now. I am expected it to get better as the day goes on. I am praying about walking on it, as I feel that I should be walking on it in faith. It’s a hard decision to make as if I do and it breaks my foot worse then I will be racking up dr. bills on surgery…So please agree with me that it will completely healed within the next few days (or the rest of today) and that the Lord will give me peace about walking on it as I am supposed to be in bed still for the next 2 weeks. And pray against those nasty fear lies that are trying to sneak their way in about finances trying to keep me from walking out in faith (literally). Thanks you all. I just had to share the AMAZING miracle that has happened thus far. I can’t wait to tell you about the full healing soon!”  Heather Kelson


“The group has allowed a comfortable home setting to get to know each other, and practice our gifts with one another. There has been so much meaningful ministry that has really changed people’s lives and given us such a unity and love. I am so thankful to be a part of all the growth and fellowship. Most of all, anytime we see the Father’s heart of love and encounter His presence, it’s a special thing.”  Amy Underwood

“Donna has a mother’s heart and has created a safe place in her home for girls to come and share their gifts and grow together.  It’s something we look forward to every time to see what the Lord is going to do.  He has been faithful to come. Relationships are forming that help to encourage people between meetings.  It’s just an honor and pleasure to meet the Lord among these women and see lives transformed.”  Mary Mogusu