I wanted to share this with you.

About 3 weeks ago my Mom called to let me know that her Pastor in Boone was diagnosed with bone cancer. They had done an MRI, seen the places in his hip that were affected and had determined that it was in the marrow.
She was devastated, as was their family ( My mother is very close to him and the family. He was my Grandmothers Pastor also)
They scheduled a biopsy, and the Oncologist was preparing them for the worst of what was to come. The family was called in and they discussed what the options and the treatments would be.
I went up there July 4th weekend, and went to church there on July 3. I knew when I was sitting in church that the Lord was saying I needed to pray for him. I was VERY uneasy about praying for a Pastor, let alone a Southern Baptist Pastor. Even though I have known him 17 years.
After church, when everyone was shaking hands at the door, I stayed behind and told my Mom I wanted to pray for him. I just knew I could not leave there without doing that. I asked, he agreed and his wife, daughter, my mom and I went to the alter.

I opened my mouth and the Lord gave me the words. For some reason when I left that church door I knew it was ok. On the way home I blurted out – It is done – before I knew what I was saying.

Yesterday the results of the biopsy came back. It was benign. I know that I know that I know, God had me there at that time. My mom even said when she left the church that Sunday she knew it was all good.

God puts us in places and situations that we can’t always explain, and that are sometime uncomfortable, but I am learning if He has me hear there is a reason. I don’t care if I look foolish to man.


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