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Encounters, Revival, and Spiritual Awakening

March 12, 2023 - Becky Wicker

Why do we as a culture, our churches and personally need times of encounters with the Holy Spirit, revival and awakening?  The answer is pretty simple.  We need them.  Jesus is the Good Shepherd who is always leading his sheep to the Waters of Life.  These times of outpouring are life altering and history changing. […]

The Silver Bridle

March 05, 2023 - Byron Wicker

James, Chapter 3 warns us of the power of our tongues. Today, the world has been set on fire by an unruly (disruptive, uncontrollable) evil, full of deadly poison, our words. And yet, there is also an invitation and hope for our tongues. James tells us, “no man can tame the tongue.” But the Holy Spirit can and […]

Wisdom, Understanding, and Humility

February 26, 2023 - Byron Wicker

Wisdom is the foundation for understanding and humility. It will take humility to steward the power and wisdom of God that the Holy Spirit will make known through the church. So, no matter how much wisdom we have, we can always use more. Wisdom is always a gift from God, not from our efforts. James […]

Enduring Faith

February 19, 2023 - Andy Squyres

The life of Jesus was marked by two distinct and significant seasons, the season of signs and wonders and the season where signs and wonders stopped. Both seasons were exploding with the miracle-working power of God. We have to be careful about how we interpret our lives. Sometimes we only think that God is moving if He […]

Faith and Wisdom

February 12, 2023 - Byron Wicker

The Book of James is called “The Proverbs of the New Testament” because it is filled with practical wisdom for believers, exhorting us to live out genuine faith by putting action to our words. It is a book of wisdom and faith. James emphasizes the connection between daily life and our spiritual growth. James teaches […]

The Gospel of Restoration

February 05, 2023 - Byron Wicker

John chapter 20 has the look and feel of finality, but it is not. What happens in John 21 is essential to the Gospel of John. Christ finished His work at the cross. But His work in and through us is not yet finished. The restoration work of Christ continues in each of us. And the […]

A Faith That Sees

January 29, 2023 - Byron Wicker

The Gospel of John was written so that people might have faith and grow in their faith. John uses the word believe nearly one hundred times. It is the Gospel of believing! Everything you are and everything you do flows from what you believe. In believing Jesus Christ, we can discover how to stop defining […]

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