“David would not drink it but poured it out to the LORD.” 1 Chronicles 11:18

Dear People Who Keep Company with God,

Have you ever had a longing for a time or something that you once enjoyed? It could be sweet relationships, exciting activity or a golden season in your life like Job mentioned, “When my steps were bathed with cream, And the rock poured out rivers of oil for me!” (Job 29:6) Life has its ups and downs. There are times of plenty and times of want. Seasons of spiritual winters and springs. To cherish something or a time that was satisfying and meaningful is not wrong unless it comes between you and your awareness of the love of God and His purposes in your life. Clinging to the past, sweet or bitter, can rob you of your present and your future.

There was a time in David’s life when he was running from King Saul and was hiding in the caves at Adullam (2 Samuel 23:13- 17). One day, without realizing anyone was even listening, he expressed a longing for a drink from the well in Bethlehem, his hometown. From his childhood and days as a shepherd, he remembered how refreshing this water would taste. Three of his mighty men heard David, and even though the Philistines had an occupying force stationed there, they broke through and brought him back some of the water from the well. David was so overwhelmed by their act of devotion that he poured it out to the Lord. This story has a lot of meanings and application, but I see it as if all those sweet memories and dreams from David’s time in Bethlehem were in that cup. What would he do with it? Would he try to hold on to the past and his dreams from that time and somehow hope to recapture it, or would he give it to the Lord? David chose to pour it out, offering it all to God. It was an act of surrender. It was worship. It was a prophetic declaration of letting go of what had been and choosing to move on with God. 

There was a night about forty years ago that I will never forget. We were in church and going to partake of the Lord’s Supper that evening. A storm blew through the area, and we lost power in the building. We were sitting in the dark and could sense the Holy Spirit gently settling over the congregation. A holy silence filled the atmosphere.  Suddenly, the quietness was shattered with the sound of liquid pouring out on the floor. Without saying a word, someone had taken the pitcher of grape juice for communion and slowly poured it out. I don’t remember anything else about that night. But I have never forgotten that sound. It was a prophetic declaration of the changing of seasons. The move of God and community we were a part of soon came to an end. It was hard to let go, but by His grace, we finally surrendered to the Holy Spirit. But not everyone did, and they haven’t prospered as they could have. You may be holding on to a cup of water, thinking this is as sweet and as good as it gets, but the truth is that water can’t keep satisfying you. God has fresh water He wants to give you. Pour it out and let the Holy Spirit do what only He can do.

Many Blessings, BW

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