High School Youth

Cory Meade

Cory Meade, Director of Youth Ministries

We see ourselves as an extension of what happens on Sunday mornings but geared specifically towards High School students.

The family atmosphere that exists in the church body at large is essential to our group meetings. We have a small group setting that is not flashy. We strive to have a space where our young people can further develop their relationship with the Lord. We laugh hard and play hard. Our worship is honest, and the messages are from the heart.

Though these students may be the future, they are also very much the right now. They are part of the church family and part of God’s Kingdom. He has equipped them to do his good work right now.

Our heart is that the discipleship that takes place will draw our High School students deeper into their walks with the Lord, in order to further equip them for the things that He has called them to.

For more information please email [email protected].

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